The City of Sirens

Elizabeth Carver, is a vigilante serial killer hunter and the estranged daughter of the re-known serial killer, Lilith Carver, the Crimson Rose Killer. El has been on the run for the last seven years trying to escape the past that haunts her and the dark legacy that awaits her.  Until she is called back to where it all started, her home town, New Port City, the city of Sirens. 

Prodigal Daughter: Teaser

El has an unsettling nightmare. An introduction to El, Reilly and Lilith and a bit of the backstory. Read the teaser comic of City of Sirens!



Prodigal Daughter: Issue 1 Heart Shaped Box 

El receives a mysterious package. Is someone calling her home to the City of Sirens? Does she answer? Or does she keep on running from a past that has finally caught up with her? 

Coming Soon


Prodigal Daughter: Issue 2

Coming Soon!