The Process


A shot by shot of the process from sketch to completion. 

I like to keep my sketches really loose and rough. I do most of the refining work in the computer, using photoshop and my awesome Wacom Cintiq. So, essentially I just need the idea and the skeleton of the illustration idea to start.

Once in the computer I do the line art using a brush in photoshop called thick n' thin inking by Kyle T. Webster. His brush sets are amazing!!!

I add in the background once I have the line art done. I do this so I can get the lighting right. Next step is flat colours, which I adjust the opacity of depending on the setting and lighting. Since this illustration is underwater I pushed the opacity of the flats down to about 20%. Then I added some gradients, some shadows, then highlights. Once El was all finished I added in the bubbles, splashes of the water. I then bring in to the InDesign doc and add in the text and bam! It's graphic novel-ed.   

Comment below if you have any questions