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Series Synopsis

Seven years ago Elizabeth Carver found out the truth, her mother was the Crimson Rose Killer, a vicious and volatile serial killer that had been plaguing the city of Sirens for years. Ever since that day she has been on the run, trying to escape the past, trying to find who she is apart from who her mother intended her to be and why she has is so damn good at tracking down bad guys, thieves, murderers, serial killers, punks, thugs and pedos.

She spends her days heading from town to town never settling, proving to herself she isn't like her mother until the day she is called back to where it all started, her home town, New Port City, the city of Sirens.  

Once back she returns to face not only an old enemy, but all the questions that were left unanswered, all the people she loved and left behind, all the consequences her disappearing act had on a city plagued with crime, murder and corruption. It's paid dearly for her sins and city of Sirens wants its due.  


A Word from the Creator...

The idea for this series came several years ago. Inspired by movies like White Oleander and books like Silence of the Lambs, Heartsick and American Gods, the City of Sirens series is a blend of murder mystery, psychological thriller and supernatural urban fantasy.

The City of Sirens features vigilante serial killer hunting siren, El Carver who is on the hunt for killers, mobsters and bad guys in the City of Sirens with the help of her
ex-fiance, detective Reilly Stanton and her incarcerate serial killing mother, Lilith Carver.  

The series follows El and Reilly as they work together to solve crimes and murders and save the city from the clutches of the dark and powerful.

As they navigate their way through the dark alleys and back streets of the City of Sirens they are forced to deal with mobsters, interfere in gang wars, bust human trafficking rings, stop twisted political agendas of the wealthy and elite, defeat crazy god-like psychos who wanna watch the city go down in a blaze of flames and gun fire, and track down your every day garden variety bad guys and nut jobs. It's American Gods meets Sin City meets Silence of the Lambs and it's gonna be fun and dark and scary.