Can You Really Go Home Again?


Elizabeth Carver, is a vigilante serial killer hunter and the estranged daughter of the re-known serial killer, Lilith Carver, the Crimson Rose Killer. El has been on the run for the past seven years trying to escape the past that haunts her and the dark legacy that awaits her. 

After El's latest case she receives a mysterious package on her door step. One she can only assume was left at the wrong address as nobody knows where she is. She opens the box and finds a human heart wrapped in a newspaper. The newspaper is from her hometown, New Port City, the City of Sirens and features a story and latest details in a string of killings. Young, newly engaged women with their hearts ripped out of their chest, the lead detective on the case is her former fiancee, Reilly Stanton.

She's can't help but feel she is being called out.

She's being called home.

El leaves her life on the lam and goes back to the one place she swore she would never set foot in again, The City of Sirens. 

Her goal; stop the killer, make sure Rielly is safe and get out of town.

But, can she navigate the mean and dark streets of the City of Sirens undetected? Can she get in and get out without her wealthy, socialite family catching wind of her return? Can she work the case and protect Rielly without him finding out? Can she evade her incarcerated mother and the destiny she has in store for her?

Find out in Book One of City of Sirens, Prodigal Daughter.

Sometimes you can't go home again. 

All artwork and story concepts by Gabrielle Cosco


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